We have served the community for 30-yrs our background in loss mittigation , portfolio management, claims , real estate ,foreclosure retention , mortgage financing ,default resolution and negotiations separates us from the rest and ensure results. Our unparralel  , competitive pricing and overall value are why our customers don't return. We offer analysis review of your situation. Weather it be residential/commercial our proposals gives clients a platform that can negotiate a reinstate, cash for keys take over payments we prepare a proposal too attempt to negotiation a resolution too the current mortgage crisis you face.  

We educate owners about preventing foreclosure and avoiding loss mitigation process. Also we educate on how this info can help stop foreclosure, stabilize there situation.   We offer comprehensive proposal that can help in negotiating a sustainable resolution between for the clients and there bank. We know the games the banks play and our proposals can in some cases secure a resolution from private, bank in-house programs, state or federal referral resources.  Get started now while banks are under investigation for compliance violations by regulatory agency's. Complete our free intake form to determines how we can tailor a proposal that is best suited for your particular situation.  And secure a formal arrangement with your bank today.  

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